About us

We are a group of concerned parents, families, and community members who are invested in assuring the best educational experience possible for our children. Our goal is to energize our community for the future of our schools! 

Due to the failure of the Dover Schools operating levy on November 6, which was on the ballot because of the need for funding after a drastic decrease in state funding combined with the loss of tangible personal property tax, the board will need to find ways to cut spending. Implementing “grade leveling” in the elementary schools (which means that one building will house K-1st, another will house 2nd-3rd, and another will house 4th-5th) is being pursued as the primary way to cut spending. 

This model, rather than the children being in their home neighborhood schools for K-5th grade, would be detrimental to the students on many levels, including emotional, mental, social, and academic performance. The many transitions from school to school, being separated from siblings and neighborhood friends, the inevitable decrease in parental involvement, and the loss of stability and consistency will have a negative impact on our children.

A community is only as strong as its schools, and Dover has a tradition of excellence! A break in the tradition of neighborhood schools, and pursuing the “grade level” model in our elementary schools is not the best option for the community of Dover. 

We urge parents and community members to become involved in the discussion about alternative ways to cut spending and how to provide our children with the BEST opportunities for their educational experience!

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