Community Alternative Proposal

Below, you will see the alternative proposal that we submitted to the School Board. along with the content of the email that we sent when we submitted the plan. We had requested a face-to-face meeting to present this proposal in person, so that we could have discussion and address questions, but we have not gotten a response to this request, as of yet. The information used to create this plan was obtained through a series of public record requests made to the District. There is a Cover Letter for the proposal, and the proposal itself has four tabs. The first tab outlines the proposed cuts and the “intangible assets” of our neighborhood schools. The second shows how it is possible to make staff reductions and raise class sizes, while keeping the schools configured as they are now. The third tab shows a comparison of the alternative plan and the District’s plan, and the last tab shows student head counts. 

Email content:

Dover Board Members,

As promised, we are formally submitting our Community Alternative to you the Board by your requested deadline.  Please take the time to read our cover letter to the proposal as it gives some insight to the plan before reviewing the attached spreadsheet.

The input we received in the attached proposal came from a vast wealth of knowledge from many members in our group including: three CPAs; school district auditors; two individuals who have their green belt certification in Lean Six Sigma and have consulted all over the country for businesses on how to operate lean; a financial analyst for a public company; business owners; PhD professor; attorneys; input from a wide range of the school’s faculty members; counselors in the mental health field; and most importantly feedback from our community and parents.  After we read our statement at the November Board meeting, we were told “bring me a better plan.”  We strongly feel that this is a better plan for EVERYONE – school, teachers, community, children, parents, financially, and to gain momentum for the next levy attempt.

This submission of our proposal via e-mail is not in lieu of a necessary face-to-face presentation that our group wishes to have with all of the Board members by early next week.  We believe strongly that it is imperative to present our proposal in person to have a dialogue where we can answer any questions that any of you may have.  Lastly, there are some additional suggestions we would like to discuss in person as they can’t be easily quantified at this time; therefore, were not included in the spreadsheet.  We would appreciate a confirmation of a meeting with Board Members to present our plan in person in the next 48 hours with the date set at this time.  We will need to make our plan known to the public before long as we have promised to the media and to the community at the December 3rd meeting that we would share our plan after the details of our proposal was shared with the Board first.

Thank you all again for your time and consideration on this matter.  We will be looking forward to your response.


Support Dover Excellence

Click here to download the Community Alternative Proposal in Excel

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