A Special Meeting of the Dover City School Board is scheduled for Monday at 7pm. Reconfiguration is on the agenda with possible Board action.

Support Dover Excellence attended the Board of Education meeting on Monday evening, December 10th, requesting a special board meeting with all members of the Board, where we could present our financial alternative plan to grade leveling. Our group was told that before the Board could make a decision about our request, we would need to submit our alternative plan via email by Wednesday, December 12. We complied with this request, as we have complied with all requests by the Board and Administration through this process, out of respect. When we submitted our plan via email, we again requested a special board meeting to present this information face-to-face and have discussion about it, and we asked to be contacted within 48 hours to set the date for the meeting. 

At this point, the Board has scheduled a special board meeting for this coming Monday night, December 17 at 7pm, but they have not included our group in the planning of this meeting. We found out about this special board meeting from a media contact who assumed we would be speaking at the meeting. From our understanding, discussion of the reconfiguration plan is on the agenda, as well as possible board action. We have not received any response from the Board members regarding our alternative plan, as of yet. 

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